DESIGN EXPERIENCE is an initiative conceived by designers, made possible through designers and directed to designers. 

We organize a one-week intense seminar in Barcelona where we explore the main concepts of Office Management, Project Management, Teamwork, Customer and Space Psychology, Creative Process, Sustainable and Ethic Design. 

Important Barcelona designers will open the doors of their offices for us, will show us their construction sites and will tell us about the way they work.

We organize visits and round trips in the most important factories, showrooms, retails, places and sites in the area of Barcelona.

We discuss in a design environment about the most advanced topic about the design process. All discussions and visits are in English.


The word Design comes from the Latin word for “to decide”. A designer is, before anything else, a person that can take decisions. Right decisions in office organization, project management, relation with the clients, are the elements of a strategic approach to Design. And this is the most powerful tool to allow complete expression to our creativity. 

We believe that the design process is a complete experience, which starts from a need or an idea and arrives to an enjoyable and improved reality.